Dn Solutions PUMA GT3100


The PUMA GT3100 is a series of horizontal turnings center specifically geared for heavy-duty tasks. The rigid base structure of the PUMA GT3100 with box guideways and the spindle with gearbox guarantee powerful cutting capability and improved accuracy and reliability.

PUMA GT3100 is equipped with the most powerful spindle in its class and an innovative tool post concept to guarantee powerful and precise cutting capability and exceptional productivity. The multifunctional cutting performance of the PUMA GT 3100 includes end milling, face milling, drilling, tapping, etc. which offers better machining performance while minimizing work setting.

PUMA GT3100 is designed to meet the demands of convenient operation and improved usability with a user-friendly operation panel (EOP) and simple maintenance functions. If you have a need for a heavy-duty standard class turning center, the PUMA GT3100 series will not let you down.

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