Dn Solutions Mynx 6500 II


The Mynx 6500 II is the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications and is easily capable of handling steel and hardened metals and other complex workpiece materials.

The Mynx 6500 II has been designed with an optimized machining area that makes it possible to handle a wider range of workpieces, and it is even possible to select spindles of various driving systems and specifications according to the workpiece material.

With the Mynx 6500 II series, you get a premium machine for heavy-duty cutting that provides flawless surface finishes and unbeatable accuracy. Equipped with box type guideways, two-step gearbox and a wide selection of spindles and other options, you can build the perfect heavy-duty machine tailored to meet your needs.

Duroc Machine Tool Danmark

Duroc Machine Tool Danmark
Ribevej 14
8940 Randers SV

Christian Royal
Telefon: +45 86412011

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