G5 theoretical module O-2.1

Løbende optagelse

This course is to follow the documented safety training plan for operators of offshore cranes in accordance with rules on qualification requirements for the operation of cranes as determined by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.  


Course Content The training covers the theoretical safety training required for G5 Offshore cranes and G20 Fixed hydraulic cranes.
  • Definition of an offshore Crane
  • Applications
  • Accident causes
  • Legislation/regulations Requirements for operator
  • Design/Construction
  • Foundation/Pedestal
  • Boom structures
  • Hydraulics/electronics/mechanics
  • Load Diagram / RCI
  • Safety equipment / overload prevention
  • Winches/Ropes/Blocks
  • Inspection and Maintenance
  • Certification/Documentation
  • Safe use of offshore cranes
The training is concluded with a written theoretical test. The test will be scored as “Passed / Failed” ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS To enter this course you must have completed Module O-1.1 Use of Lifting Gear or equivalent.

Course Objectives The training will give students insight into principles of offshore crane construction, operation, maintenance and use, so that incidents and accidents in connection with lifting operations are avoided.

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