ABIGO Medical AB

ABIGO Medical AB global leader within life science focusing on improving people’s health and well-being
A global pharmaceutical and MedTech company with own production in Sweden. ABIGO Medical develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of OTC and prescription pharmaceuticals as well as an assortment of medical devices for advanced wound care and ENT. 

Sorbact® - Prevents and treats wound infections
Sorbact® microbe binding dressings prevent and treat wound infections by lowering the bioburden. Sorbact® facilitates the wound-healing process by reducing wound bioburden without releasing any active agents into the wound. No mechanism of antimicrobial resistance has been described with Sorbact®. Sorbact is proven in more than 25 clinical studies and in publications including over 4,000 patients. Today, Sorbact® is helping patients in over 65 countries and has more than 20 years of successful use in clinical practice.


Jan G. Smith, co-founder and co-owner of ABIGO and chairman of the board and Artur Aira, CEO.
ABIGO Medical AB is one of the fastest growing Life Sciences companies in the Nordics. In 2019, ABIGO had +20% growth and reached sales of >400 Million SEK. ABIGO’s products are sold through a distribution network in >65 countries around the world.


Fakta om ABIGO Medical AB

ABIGO Medical AB
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Västra Götalands län
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